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National Outrage

Americans Outraged

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The Moore’s Ford lynching received widespread news coverage and generated outrage across the country. There were large protests and marches in New York, Washington, DC, and other large cities against the conditions in which black Americans were forced to live.

President Harry S. Truman sent the FBI to Walton County, GA, and created the President’s Committee on Civil Rights. The White House was deluged with mail from Americans – black and white – who were furious that a crime of this nature could take place on American soil – especially so soon after the defeat of the Nazis overseas.

President Truman Sends the FBI to Walton County, Georgia

The Truman administration introduced anti-lynching legislation in Congress but was unable to get it passed against the opposition of the southern Democratic bloc in the Senate.

Together with massive unrest about the Columbia, Tennessee 1946 race riot, the Moore’s Ford lynchings garnered awareness and an increasing level of support from the white public for the civil rights movement.

Georgia Governor Ellis Arnall Offers Reward

Georgia Governor Ellis Arnall offered a reward of $12,500 for information about the killing of the four black sharecroppers on July 25, 1946, at Moore’s Ford Bridge. By August 1, rewards were posted totaling $32,000. Despite tips offering information and seeking the money, the reward was never paid out and no one was charged with killing Roger and Dorothy Malcolm and George and Mae Murray Dorsey.

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