Moore's Ford Lynching Case: VICTORY!

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August 18, 2017 —  On August 18, 2017, U. S. District Court Judge Marc T. Treadwell announced a long-awaited decision to release Grand Jury transcripts from the notorious 1946 Moore's Ford Crossing Case, often called "the last unsolved mass lynching in the United States."

Since 2013, Joseph J. Bell, Jr. (Bell & Shivas, P. C., Rockaway, NJ) has filed motions on behalf of author/historian Anthony S. Pitch to make an exception to the rules of grand jury secrecy claiming that the historical and social significance of the 71-year-old case outweighs any lingering need for secrecy or privacy. Bell pointed out that even far more recent motions for grand jury disclosure had already been granted, notably Richard Nixon, the Rosenbergs, Alger Hiss and Jimmy Hoffa.

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Source: Recent Opinions Page: Middle District of Georgia | United States District Court, Aug. 18, 2017