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Commercial And Business Litigation With A Focus On The Bottom Line

Winning a lawsuit is no good for a business if legal fees exceed the gains. Time and energy of leadership also matters, since time spent on legal battles is time away from business operations.

For these reasons, a business law attorney must stay in tune with the goals of an organization.

A successful business lawyer should work in close partnership with owners and managers when devising strategies to resolve disputes. This is our mode of operation at Bell, Shivas & Bell, P.C. From our Rockaway offices, we support the goals of businesses and corporations throughout this region of the state.

If we advise and represent your New Jersey business, we will always emphasize the need to consider the return on investment along with a pursuit of justice. We will never recommend a course of action that may leave your business in worse condition. The big picture will light the way.

Examples Of Business Disputes That We Help Clients Resolve

  • Our business clients look to us for guidance and advocacy in the face of disputes such as the following:

    • Shareholder and partnership disputes at any stage of a business’s life cycle
    • Breach of contract claims for business claimants or defendants
    • Unfair competition complaints
    • Restrictive covenant violations
    • Regulatory compliance disputes involving government agencies
    • Fraudulent conveyance claims
    • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) violations involving buyers, sellers and investors

    The best solution to a breach of contract claim or a similar challenge may be found through good-faith negotiations by both sides. Other cases involving multiple plaintiffs and/or defendants may be more complex.

    We prepare every case as if for trial, but we realize that going before a judge and jury is rarely in a client’s best interests. Nonetheless, preparation is one of the keys to success.

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We look forward to hearing about your concerns and devising a plan of action to protect your business’s interests.

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