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Experienced New Jersey Lawyers For Employment Contracts, Policies And Litigation

Employers must address many areas of employment law to survive in today’s business climate when regulations and the threat of litigation keep managers ever on guard.

With the guidance of an experienced employment law attorney, businesses can avoid and solve problems effectively such as by responding appropriately in a timely manner to employees’ accusations of harassment or discrimination.

Bell, Shivas & Bell, P.C. has established a strong reputation in employment law and other legal practice areas over more than 35 years in the Rockaway, New Jersey, area.

Our lawyers have applied experience and knowledge acquired at large, prominent law firms to customize counsel for our local clients who value personal attention. We advise business owners and managers on a broad array of federal and state laws and regulations.

Urgent, Routine And Ongoing Legal Counsel For New Jersey Businesses

  • Our lawyers have successfully represented our clients in State Superior Court, the Appellate Division, the New Jersey Supreme Court and Federal District Court and before administrative agencies, such as the Civil Service Commission.

    Some businesses hire us as outsourced in-house counsel to help them meet reoccurring needs having to do with:

    • Employment contracts
    • New Jersey Family Leave Act (NJFLA) and Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) claims
    • Employee benefit policy creation and dispute resolution
    • Training and defense counsel in cases of alleged harassment and/or discrimination

    We help businesses interpret and respond to charges of Title VII and other civil rights violations. By hiring us, these clients avoid or resolve damaging lawsuits based on employees’ race, national origin, creed, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy, veteran status, disability or age.

Proactive And Reactive Legal Guidance

Our attorneys advise clients both proactively and reactively, depending on their priorities and circumstances.

Before trouble arises, we assist clients as follows:

  • We help them articulate, document and train employees in discrimination prevention.
  • We assist with training seminars for managers and other decision-makers.

In response to challenges, we advocate for them in these ways:

  • We defend them aggressively in the face of lawsuits or threats of lawsuits.
  • Our attorneys stay ready to help businesses protect themselves from future liability and vigorously defend themselves against accusations and claims that arise.

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Whatever your situation, our New Jersey attorneys can help you keep your business moving forward without obstacles.

To reach our law offices, call 973-442-7900 or send an email inquiry through this website.

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