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How do I get medical bills paid while I’m pursuing litigation?

On Behalf of  | Jul 23, 2021 | Personal Injury

Injuries from an accident can put your life at a standstill. Your injuries could leave you unable to work with medical bills coming in quickly.

Unfortunately, litigation for your claim can take weeks or months. In the meantime, you may have several invoices for treatment that need payment. Seeing bills coming in can add to the stress of your situation and could impact your ability to recover from your injuries.

This is what you should know about handling medical bills while your claim is pending.

Communicate with the billing department

Part of getting the support you need while your case goes through litigation is having an honest conversation about your situation. Depending on your circumstances, the hospital and other medical providers may be willing to wait for payment until your case concludes.

Also, your treatment facility might be able to offer a payment plan that allows for small payments while you wait for compensation.

Talk to your insurance provider

In some cases, people who are injured will assume that the medical facility and their insurance company will work out their billing details in their favor. This is not always the case.

You should call your insurance provider and explain your situation. Your insurance provider may only have the information about your treatment, not the circumstances surrounding your injury. Your insurance company may have an alternative for your medical costs when you are pursuing litigation.

Keep in mind, you may need to talk to both your health insurance provider and your car insurance provider to optimize your coverage.

Your attorney may have alternatives

As you pursue litigation, you will have an ongoing discussion with your lawyer about what is happening both with your case and your treatment as you continue to heal. Your attorney is another resource to help you find solutions for your incoming medical bills. In some cases, an attorney can discuss your situation with your medical care facility so you can delay payment until your case is resolved.


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