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How to document car accident injuries

On Behalf of Bell, Shivas & Bell, P.C. | Jun 20, 2022 | Personal Injury

Car accidents can happen to any driver. According to National Safety Council, in 2020, there were over 4.8 million injuries caused by car accidents in the United States.

Getting hurt in a collision can lead to medical bills and missed work, but to receive compensation after a car crash, you will need to provide proof of your injuries.

Gather medical records

It is often wise to go to the hospital after a collision, even if you do not see cuts. Mayo Clinic recommends seeing your doctor if have any symptoms of a traumatic neck injury, such as neck pain, numbness or tingling sensations in your arms, difficulty moving your neck, sharp pains when turning your head, dizziness, headaches, blurry vision or trouble concentrating.

Medical records are strong evidence of car crash injuries. Keep copies of any records related to the accident:

  • Prescriptions
  • Ambulance, emergency room and hospital bills
  • Treatments
  • Doctor notes
  • Tests or X-rays
  • Physical therapy or chiropractic appointments

Take pictures or video

Your priority after an accident is your safety. If you can safely do so, take pictures or video of the scene of the accident and damage to your person and property. These pictures can include bruises, cuts, burns and other seemingly minor wounds. Digital photos and videos have a time stamp, which helps document the date and time of your injuries.

Keep a journal related to your injuries

An often-overlooked tip is to journal about your injuries. It can help you remember things you want to discuss with your doctor, and it shows how you feel psychologically, emotionally and physically. If you decide to pursue legal action after a motor vehicle accident, detailed records will help you demonstrate the extent of your injuries and the financial and physical toll they have had on your life.


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